I-AM.D.C is an interior and furniture design consultancy that adopts circular principles to achieve enduring and evolving designs. 

Founded by Creative Director Dean Connell, the company’s name represents Dean’s expertise in interior design, bespoke joinery and the evolution of the broader I AM DESIGNED CIRCULAR brand. 

Our ethos: balancing progress with perfection

Whether styling spaces or creating furniture collections, our work challenges the throwaway culture of the modern age, but rather than proclaiming to be a sustainable brand, we prefer to focus on actively participating in the evolution towards a more conscious future.

We are mindful of waste and select honest, ethically sourced materials that can be easily repaired, reused, remanufactured, and recycled. We constantly ask ourselves how we can do better.

The enduring beauty of nature inspires us—its simplicity, structures, and materials. But we also celebrate the bold, eclectic flair of forms and creations available to us outside this and embrace the challenge of finding harmony between these two seemingly opposing realms.

Circular design is a philosophy that allows us to forge deeper connections with the essential beauty and comforts given to us by nature and explore how we, as creators, can share, build on, and preserve the abundance of resources available today for tomorrow.


Dean Connell